MoWiNetReflectorb_77MoWiNet_diagramThe only reflector designed specifically for Ubiquiti. Works with all Ubiquiti Nanostation series radios.

Solve many common problems with the MoWiNet total solution:

Simple secure unbreakable mounting of the radio
Unique mount allows mounting to any size pole up to 2″
Lower installed price.
Quick and easy installation. Avoid the hassles of purchasing additional parts, such as mount, additional antenna + pigtail/adapters, and mounting 2 items
Reduced interference with narrow beam width
Retain the use of software selectable antenna polarity

Nano5M gain increase is 7dBi H,V and at the AP for a total gain of 23dB

Reflector can be used with the LOCO2, LOCOM2, LOCO5, LOCOM5, NS2, NSM2, NS5, and NSM5 using Vertical or Horizontal Polarity

NSM5 total gain of 23dBi

MoWiNet is the only reflector manufacture supplying the necessary firmware for the Loco2 to work flawlessly past 3.1 miles.

System Gain with Reflector
۲۴dBi @ 5.8GHz
۱۸dBi @ 2.4GHz