BlackArmor™ NAS 110 Network Storage Server

Model Numbers ST310005MNA10G, ST320005MNA10G, STAW3000100
Interface Ethernet
Capacity ۱TB, 2TB, 3TB
Height ۱۷۶mm (6.90 in)
Width ۶۱mm (2.40 in)
Length ۱۴۷mm (5.80 in)
Weight (typical) ۱۲۲۰g (2.71 lb)
Shipping Weight ۱.۶۵kg (3.638 lb)
Drive Performance SATA II
Ports ۱ Gigabit Ethernet; 2 USB
Network Protocols NFS; CIFS; Bonjour; HTTPS; HTTP; FTP
Active Directory
File Sharing Protocols CIFS; NFS; HTTPS; FTP
Volume Management Share folder level Access Control List (ACL) support; Volume level encryption; Quotas setting; Share management
Disk Management Multi-volume management; SMART status monitor
Backup Management Client system backup, Bare Metal Restore over network; Local backup (USB device to NAS, NAS to USB device); NAS to NAS backup
Event Management Event email notification
DLNA & iTunes Server
Download Server HTTP; FTP
Remote Access Included
Discovery Software for Windows & Mac
Backup Software for Windows ۵ Licenses